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11th May 2020

The Active Care Group supports The Care Workforce App

To enhance staff communication and support during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Active Care Group (ACG) has encouraged all its employees to download The Care Workforce App.

The Care Workforce App, developed by the NHSX and NHS Business Services Authority, was launched by the UK government to support 1.5 million adult social care staff in England. The app will act as a single digital hub for health and social care workers to access relevant updates, guidance, support, and discounts for everyday essentials from their smart phones.

There are also plans to publish new mental health wellbeing guidance to further support frontline staff and managers.

Montreux Capital Management (UK) CEO, Oliver Harris said, “The Active Care Group has always been committed to ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of its staff. By utilising The Care Workforce App, they are encouraging a culture of support within the group which is essential for staff to continue providing the highest level of care.”

This is one of many ways in which the UK Government and NHS are using technology as a way of combating the challenges faced from the pandemic. Further details are available on the website:





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