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8th Aug 2013

Comments left on NHS Choices Web site in regard to Wren House


After much hunting, we came across Wren House for my relative and were immediately drawn to its particular qualities in terms of its elegance and welcoming appearance, but mainly to the care and interest of the management staff. It has none of the feeling of an institution at all and is run more like a family-style private hotel but with the highest quality care. The carers are smartly -dressed, professional, and respectful and my relative regards them as his family now. They treat him, and all their residents, as individuals and he is fully able to choose his own routine regarding sleep and getting up and so on. The food is excellent and lunch is served in a panelled dining-room with "proper linen' and silverware, after a drink in the drawing room together. The building is set in a beautiful garden where the residents can wander or sit out under shady umbrellas when fine. The residents are nearly always able to stay on for the extent of their lives and care is adjusted according to their needs, which is very reassuring all round. The staff are excellent at keeping in touch with residents' families and seem able to remember all our names when we visit. I can only say that since we have known Wren House, I have been able to stop any worry about my relative and know that he is happy and in the best possible care he could have.


Wren House is simply excellent. I am a doctor and so have seen inside many care homes and was delighted to have found Wren House for my relative when he became in need of long term care. The standards of care are amazing- wonderful staff without exception and well managed. The atmosphere, decoration and arrangement all make it feel really like a home, rather than an institution. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.


My parent moved to Wren House some years ago. All the staff are very caring and treat the residents with dignity and respect. There are only 13 rooms and my relative is on the ground floor with French doors out to the lovely gardens and she is taken outside in her wheelchair as often as possible. Although Wren House is a residential home, they do their best to keep residents to the end. It is very much their home. The food is excellent and they cater for all dietary needs. When Wren House was sold last year to a small group from private ownership, i was very worried that standards would not be maintained but the new owners assured us nothing would change, and to date, that has been the case. I would recommend Wren House to any family. The staff keep us fully informed of all care needs and are always available for a chat when we visit. I cannot speak highly enough of Wren House and its staff. 


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